Get Inspired with UW Yoga Month in October!

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What inspires you? The Whole U finds inspiration in many things: you—our fellow Huskies, UW’s incredible research, the paths we take to personal wellness, appreciation of culture and art, you name it! This October, for UW Yoga Month, we are excited to explore this question further through yoga.

October 2019 will be the 6th Yoga Month at UW. Thus far, we’ve covered many topics related to yoga including the physical and mental benefits, diving into chakras, and exploring different yoga styles and poses. This year, we invite you to join us for a month full of free yoga classes and additional programming as we look together at what inspires us all, how we can further appreciate inspiration, explore it, and use it in our daily lives.

So, what exactly is Yoga Month and why should you participate? Yoga Month is a month-long yoga immersion with tons of free opportunities to do more, read more, and dive deeper into yoga practice.

Here’s your full road map to Yoga Month 2019. Like what you see? Be sure to register for Yoga Month 2019!

Yoga Month Dawg Pass with 60+ FREE classes!

All month long, local yoga studios across the Puget Sound are partnering with The Whole U to offer FREE classes in their studios. You must be registered for Yoga Month to access this special pass; with up to 55 free classes included! Here’s a sneak peak of the studios that will be included on the Yoga Month Dawg Pass:

Free Classes and Workshops on UW Campuses

The Whole U and UW Recreation are offering free Yoga Month classes across UW’s campuses, as well as discounted yoga, meditation, and relaxation series. Check out these opportunities now and sign up before they fill up!

  1. Free yoga class at HUB– October 31
  2. Free yoga at SLU Campus– October 2
  3. Free ongoing Yoga at Harborview– Mondays and Thursdays
  4. Free ongoing Meditation at Harborview– Wednesdays and Thursdays
  5. Free Collage Workshop at HUB– October 10
  6. Discounted Yoga Series at HUB– 9-week series on Tuesdays, starting October 1
  7. Discounted Yoga Series at Tower– 10-week series on Tuesdays, starting October 9
  8. Discounted Yoga Series at SLU– 8-week series on Wednesdays, starting October 9
  9. Discounted Deep relaxation series at HUB – 9-week series on Tuesdays or Thursdays, starting date October 8 and 10
  10. Discounted Meditation series at HUB – 9-week series on Tuesdays or Thursdays, starting date October 8 and 10
  11. Discounted Meditation Retreat on Lake Washington at WAC – October 26
  12. Free yoga at Tacoma – October 8 and October 10
  13. Free yoga and collage workshop at Bothell, coming soon

Expert-led Weekly Articles Exploring Inspiration

Each week of Yoga Month, we’re consulting our community experts for articles highlighting what is inspiration, and how to cultivate inspiration in poetry, art, nature, and of course yoga! Our content is led by our resident yoga expert, Danny Arguetty. Danny is the manager of the Mindfulness Program at UW Recreation and a seasoned yoga expert. We are honored to have his collaboration year after year and must say, you don’t want to miss Yoga Month Articles this year! Register now to tune in!

Inspired Social Media Content

For Yoga Month, our social media content is centered around our four weekly themes: What is Inspiration, Inspiration from Nature, Inspiration from Poetry, and Inspiration from Art.We invite you to share with us your own works of poetry and art, photos of nature that inspire you, and what inspiration means to you. Each week, we’ll share some Yoga Month participants submissions across our social media channels, sharing inspiration to all UW Yoga Month participants.

Contests for swag giveaways!

All those who share with us content for Yoga Month social media will be entered to receive a yoga mat or a Whole U branded mat bag! These bags are great for transporting your yoga mat, and of course our giveaway yoga mats are purple…GO DAWGS! Make sure to sign up for Yoga Month to be in the running!

Weekly Emails Highlighting Yoga Month Programming

You’re probably thinking, how will I keep track of all of these amazing Yoga Month opportunities? Have no fear, we’ll keep you up to date and on track with simple weekly emails reminding you of what’s in store. All you have to do is register.

Ongoing Yoga Discounts

After getting a taste for Yoga Month at UW, don’t stop there! The Whole U discount network is full of quality, local yoga studios offering generous discounts to UW faculty, staff, and students. Consider finding a studio close to your home or commit to joining one of The Whole U’s quarterly yoga series.

  • Aditi Yoga and Massage – 10% discount
  • Balance Yoga Studio – $100/month membership (regularly $165)
  • Bikram Yoga – U District – $10 off/month
  • Breathe Yoga Studios – 20% discount
  • Classical Hata Yoga – 15% discount
  • Core Power Yoga – $109/month membership (regularly $135)
  • Edgeworks Climbing (offers yoga) – 20% discount
  • Exhale Pilates (offers yoga) – 15% discount
  • Expand Yoga – 10% discount
  • Fruition Yoga – 20-25% discount
  • Highline Athletic Club (offers yoga) – 20-25% discount
  • Jasyoga at Hec Ed – $3 discount per class
  • Levitas Studio – 25% discount
  • Tacoma Yoga – 10% discount
  • Vertical World (offers yoga) – 10% discount
  • YMCA (yoga classes) – Free enrollment
  • Zum Fitness (yoga classes) – 20-25% discount

Yoga Series and Retreats at UW

The UW Yoga Series are a joint effort of The Whole U and UW Recreation. Each quarter, we offer weekly yoga series at a variety of campus locations, at a variety of days and times. These yoga series have become a staple of The Whole U program and a program favorite! Sign up to join a Fall Yoga series that best fits your schedule and stay tuned for more winter opportunities. It’s our goal to offer series each quarter at UW.

  1. Discounted Yoga Series at HUB
  2. Discounted Yoga Series at Tower
  3. Discounted Yoga Series at SLU
  4. Discounted Deep relaxation series at HUB
  5. Discounted Meditation series at HUB
  6. Discounted Meditation Retreat on Lake Washington at WAC

With all that we’re offering this October, we hope that you join thousands of colleagues in generating positive energy and create a greater sense of wellbeing across UW through Yoga Month. If you haven’t already, register here!

Thank you to UW Recreation, AT&T, UW Medicine, BECU and US Bank for being Whole U program sponsors!