For and by the UW, The Whole U launched in January 2014 to foster community, promote holistic wellness, and share the great perks available to UW faculty and staff. The Whole U expanded virtual programming in 2021, hosting over 1,000 events and activities! We look forward to being back on campus with our Huskies in 2022.

Download the full recap of 2021 (107 MB .pdf) and then check out the video and infographic below for a broader look at how The Whole U brings wellness to the workplace at the University of Washington.

By the Numbers


35,990 interactions from 15,914 unique participants

  • 41% Professional Staff
  • 27% Classified Staff
  • 14% Retiree/Family/Guest
  • 12% Academic Personnel
  • 6% Students

Virtual Training

Total participation: 14,603

  • Virtual Handouts and Self-Paced Programs: 7,904
  • Departmental Wellness Challenges: 2,650
  • Dare to Do 2017: 1,497
  • Eating Well: 1,354
  • Yoga: 1,200

5 Most Engaged Organizations/Groups

  • Medical Centers
  • School of Medicine
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Finance & Administration
  • College of Engineering

Pillar Breakdown

Being Active
  • 45 Articles
  • 46 Events
  • 12 Social Groups
Eating Well
  • 40 Articles
  • 17 Events
  • 1 Social Group
Engaging Interest
  • 28 Articles
  • 43 Events
  • 6 Social Groups
Life Events & Changes
  • 5 Articles
  • 11 Events
  • 2 Social Groups
Staying Healthy
  • 60 Articles
  • 38 Events
  • 12 Articles
  • 11 Events

* Does not include partner events co-promoted by The Whole U or activities only promoted to members of a social group under The Whole U umbrella.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

  • 26 Faculty Friday Articles (20,017 Page Views)
  • 19 Staff Story Articles (18,005 Page Views)

The Whole U Discount Network

  • 215 Discounts in 2017
  • 88,615 Page Views

Website Stats

  • 1,692 Average Daily Page Views
  • 619,235 Pageviews
  • 360,877 Users

Community Enhancers

  • UW Fitness Day*: 750 Participants
  • UW Free Photo Day*: 2,600 Participants
  • Ovations Talent Showcase: 975 Participants
  • National Nutrition Month*: 1,354 Participants
  • Raise the Bar Summer Wellness Challenge: 220 Teams
  • Whole U at Husky Athletic Events: 3,705 Participants
  • Yoga Month*: 1,200 Participants

* Event held on all three campuses.

Meet The Whole U Team

Kimberly Mishra HR Chief of Staff

kmishra@uw.edu · 206-685-3845 · Read Posts

You know how the last bullet of most job descriptions reads something like, “other duties as assigned?” Well it is that bullet that has shaped my career path and has allowed me to turn my love of shiny, new things into a workplace strength. I love jumping in the deep end, figuring out how to swim, and leading through change. I also love telling stories, helping others connect, and advocating for the end-user experience.

In addition to working on The Whole U, I serve as the Chief of Staff for Human Resources. With over a decade at UW, I have started to bleed purple. I love this place and its people. Connect with me if you have ideas on how to better promote The Whole U, new ideas for events, or to offer me advice on juggling the demands of parenting (I have a nine-year-old adorable monster) with career and the remnants of a social life. When I am not working or chasing the adorable monster, I am at yoga, throwing ridiculously elaborate dinner parties, or chasing the next shiny new thing.

Lauren Updyke, MS ACSM HFI Director

updykl@uw.edu · 206-221-3450 · Read Posts

Hi everyone, I’m Lauren, the director for The Whole U Program. I have spent 19 years of my career in Health and Wellness.  I came to the USA from Canada on a track and field scholarship to University of Louisiana. I have my Masters in Exercise Physiology, am a Certified Personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, and have coached over 10,000 individuals online from all over the world. I worked with the wellness program at Duke University and Hospital for 13 years as fitness and health education manager. This is my eighth year at UW and I love being a Husky.

Let me know if you have an idea for an event because we love making this program for UW, by UW. My role is to lead our team of four and provide faculty and staff with awesome opportunities that support them on their health journey! Email me if you are interested in being a Whole U ambassador or if you have a fun idea for us. When I’m not working at The Whole U, I am either training for a marathon, doing lots of strength training, traveling with my family, or racing from one kid activity to the next.

Anna Tegelberg Program Manager for UW Medicine

ategel@uw.edu · Read Posts

Hello! My name is Anna and I am The Whole U’s program manager for UW Medicine. I’m a UW alum and Seattle native born and raised in South Seattle where I still live today. My role at The Whole U is to create meaning connections across UW Medicine. I’m motivated by the positive impact workplace wellness programs have on mental and physical health. If you work at UW Medicine, please reach out with ideas and special requests for increasing workplace well-being and engagement. The Whole U is for UW, by UW.

When I’m not at The Whole U, I’m most likely relaxing with friends and family. I love skiing in the winter, planning trips and going on adventures. I will never pass up a plate of tacos or bowl of Husky Deli ice-cream. (If you’ve never heard of it, it’s worth the trip to West Seattle!) I look forward to meeting you all!

Diana Ratsamee Marketing and Events Specialist


My name is Diana and I am a Marketing and Events Specialist here at The Whole U. I’m also a UW Alumni and a born and raised Seattleite. One of my favorite things about working at The Whole U is connecting with the brilliant minds within the UW. I am always in awe when I discover the exciting new things our community is involved in. As an events specialist, it is my goal to create programming that connects our community by highlighting the genius within the UW, and celebrate our accomplishments.

Beyond my role at The Whole U, I am a yoga teacher, meditation guide, wellness program developer, travel guide, backpacker and story teller. My mission is inspired by the simple philosophy: connect I aim to help people connect back to themselves so that they may in turn, connect to the world around them. I am incredibly excited to be working with this team and look forward to more bringing engaging, inspiring, and nourishing programming to our community.

Thashawna Johnson Program Manager

tmcson@uw.edu · Read Posts

Hey! I’m Thashawna and I am a Program Manager at The Whole U. While I’m California grown, the PNW has my heart. I’ve lived here for 6+ years and love calling Seattle home, reconnecting to the community that feeds me. My background is in Kinesiology (the study of human movement), trauma-informed yoga, and community advocacy. Throughout my career, I’ve worked to build more inclusive and human-centered programs. That means meeting folks where they are, listening deeply, and working together to move forward. I believe in showing up fully and creating space for others to do the same. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all, learning more about your wins and your needs, and bringing more great programs to you.

When I’m not at The Whole U, I’m teaching yoga, going hiking, taking road trips, or having brunch with my dog. I’m excited by great food and great views.


Guy Gaspari

guyg28@uw.edu · Read Posts

Hello everyone! My name is Guy Gaspari and I am the marketing and communications student intern at The Whole U. I am currently an undergraduate student at UW majoring in psychology and I am passionate about pursuing a career in sports marketing after my graduation. I am originally from Park City, Utah but have spent the past 3.5 years here in Seattle. Outside of school and work, I love to stay active physically and be involved in the community. I grew up in a mountain town and love to ski and hike in nature. I also love playing and watching sports with friends, or heading down to the lake and enjoying the water.

I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of The Whole U and am looking forward to learning as much as I can in the role!

Andrea Xiee

aax99@uw.edu · Read Posts

Hello there! My name is Andrea Xie and I am a graphic designer at The Whole U. I moved to the PNW over a year ago to join UW’s Communication Leadership program and have been in love with this gloomy, beautiful city ever since. I’m incredibly excited to continue my journey with The Whole U and help more people in our local community!

Beyond my role, I’m a photographer, a moviegoer, a foodie, and a baker. Lately, I’m also in the process of (re)building my gym and reading routines, which has been challenging but helpful. All advice and words of encouragement are welcome!

Nicole Reeve-Parker Employee Engagement Specialist

nicolerp@uw.edu · Read Posts

Nicole promotes UWHR employee engagement initiatives as a shared resource for The Whole U, the UW Combined Fund Drive, WorkLife and HR benefits. She is a proud UW alumna and Seattle native who enjoys outdoor activities, coffee and perusing Little Free Libraries in her neighborhood.

Now you know who we are, but what The Whole U is depends on you–your interests, your passions, your availability, and your willingness to reach out to us so we can better meet the needs of our unique community. Please send us your ideas. We don’t know exactly what the future holds, but we know The Whole U will be for UW, by UW.

Is The Whole U required? Does it cost money?

Participation is voluntary and is funded by UW Human Resources.

How are events scheduled? Do you take into account different shifts, schedules, and locations?

Part of being responsive to people’s interests and availabilities means that the times and locations vary. Large events will typically be at lunch on weekdays in a central location to engage the maximum number of people. For smaller events, the location and timing depends on the target participants. For faculty and staff leading their own activities, it remains up to the activity leader. The toolkit contains advice on scheduling to maximize participation.

Is release time available for participation in Whole U activities?

Typically, activities are scheduled to take place during lunch breaks or weekends. When your work schedule conflicts with a Whole U event, it is up to you to speak with your supervisor about the possibility of attending.

We encourage you to stay connected to The Whole U website for information on upcoming events, resources and discounts, but please do so in a way that is appropriate for your unit. If there is any ambiguity with your schedule or the policies that govern your workspace, please talk with your supervisor.

How does UW Medicine’s Social Networking Policy and Guidelines affect participation of faculty and staff who are involved in patient care?

UW Medicine employees should limit their use of The Whole U program’s social media elements in hospital or clinic space to rest or meal breaks, unless social media use has been previously approved by a supervisor.

I see that you include information on volunteerism. Does this mean that I can get release time to volunteer at a non-profit organization?

Participation in Whole U events or service opportunities is on a volunteer basis that exists outside of your normal work responsibilities and is not covered by release time.

What is The Whole U’s Comment Policy?

The Whole U is a moderated website, and reserves the right to not post submitted comments. Please submit your comments at any time, and they will be approved and posted as soon as they can be reviewed-the next business day if not sooner. Generally, we will not post comments that:

  • Are not related to the topic, or are clearly spam.
  • Do not demonstrate mutual respect for the University, University employees and other individuals, including use of abusive or prejudicial language, personal attacks, or unsupported claims.
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We will not edit comments. If a comment contains any of the above, or is otherwise considered inappropriate, it will not be approved for posting.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to your comments!