UW Fitness Day: Meet Your Coaches Part III

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In Part I and Part II, you met the first 26 of the 40+ coaches who will be joining you and your colleagues on field at Husky Stadium May 2 for UW Fitness Day! This week, meet the remaining coaches who will be leading stations, providing tips and encouragement, and ensuring the workout is fun for everyone!

More than 1,200 UW staff, students, and faculty have signed up to participate in this historic community event, so be sure to secure your spot (and free t-shirt!) by registering today!

Amy Griffin
Associate Head Coach, UW Women’s Soccer

Workout quote: As an athlete, I believed that self-discipline was the only way to success. Today, my self-mantra is something is better than nothing!

Role model: All of the wonderful people in my life whom have made a positive impact on it and have kept me from losing me way.

Fitness accomplishment: On the US Women’s National Team, passing the fitness tests was always worthy of celebrations! Post-50, sticking to a plan so that I was able to run a half marathon.  

At Fitness Day I want to see: Everyone! I am leaving my comfort zone to come and coach, so I hope to see all of you do the same and show up too!

Todd Tuetken — Director, Olympic Strength/Conditioning – UW Athletics

Favorite workout quote:
“The weight room should build you up more than it breaks you down!”

What do you say to yourself when you want to throw in the towel?
“Change your prospective to change your challenges”

Who do you want to see show up at UW Fitness Day?
“People who are excited to start a new goal and create new positive habits”

What are you most excited to experience as a UW Fitness Day Coach?
“Meeting all my fellow DAWGS”

Jill VonBuskirk — Personal Trainer & Manager of the West Seattle IanFitness 

Workout quote: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Role Model: My mom and dad!

When I want to throw in the towel I say: “Think about your goals and focus on the results. It’s always worth it. You’ve got this!”

Fitness accomplishment: Building a strong team at IanFitness. Every day I get to live my dream of helping others through fitness and witnessed some of the most inspiring moments of people’s lives!

Best part about UW Fitness Day: The energy and fun all the participants bring!

Jenny Wyeth — Operations Manager Pure Barre Seattle & Bellevue, Co-Founder 421 Reset

Workout quote: Embrace the challenge; this is you getting stronger.

Words of encouragement: Have no regrets!

Role model: My little sister! She has fought through so many medical and health battles, and I can only think: if she can do that, I have absolutely no excuse.

Fitness accomplishment: Climbing over 10,000 feet of Mt. Rainier before the weather forced us back. It was incredibly tough physically, but the mental game was the real challenge when we couldn’t summit as planned

Best part about UW Fitness Day: The energy on the field and seeing people work hard as a team and cheer each other on!

Alysia See — UW Indoor Cycling Instructor

Favorite UW athlete:
Mary Whipple – UW varsity coxswain and 3-time Olympic medalist.

Workout quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” —Walt Disney

Words of encouragement:
Set short-term S.M.A.R.T. goals with the long-term goal in mind.

Fitness accomplishment: Cycling 330 miles from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh.

At UW Fitness Day I am most excited…to be surrounded by people who are motivated to be the best version of themselves.

Jesse Schaeffe
24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer

Favorite UW athlete: Napoleon Kaufman – Husky football player from 1991- 1994. He is the all-time leader is rushing yards (4,106) and a member UW Hall of Fame.

Workout quote: “Yesterday, you said tomorrow.”

Words of encouragement: You are capable of this!

Instead of throwing in the towel I say:
The time is going to go by no matter what…finish it!                                        

At UW Fitness Day I am most excited…to shares fitness with a large group of people.

Laura Houston – Research Scientist in Pediatrics, UW School of Medicine

Workout quote: Keep it fun.

Words of encouragement: Be where your feet are.

Role model: Heather Anderson. Long distance hiker and speed record holder for the Pacific Coast Trail and Appalachian Trail.

Fitness accomplishment: Hiking 15 miles last March when just 6 months earlier I couldn’t walk across the room due to injury. I’ve run marathons and ultras, and this felt bigger than any of those.

The best part about UW Fitness Day is…watching the people have so much fun and laughing. Movement really is the best medicine!

David Delgado — IanFitness

Words of encouragement:Just do it. If another person can do it, you can too.”

Who is your role model?
Nyjah Delgado (my son who reminds me to keep inner child alive)

What do you say to yourself when you want to throw in the towel?
“Remember why you started, this is too easy, let’s go!”

Proudest fitness accomplishment: My mother training and being able to do a burpee.

What is the best part about participating in UW Fitness Day? Like-minded individuals in a collective is always good.

Teanna Blees — President & Head Coach of LEAD

Favorite workout quote:Change takes time. Give it time.” SO many people quit because progress doesn’t come as quick as they expect to to, or want it to. BUT, they’re forgetting that small progress is STILL progress. I love this quote because it’s simple and true – give yourself time to change and enjoy the journey along the way.

What do you say to yourself when you want to throw in the towel? If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. We’ve learned to look the discomfort of challenge in the eye and welcome it, because we know the best things in life happen when you’re outside of your comfort zone! If our mind ever contemplates quitting…that means we’ve been lucky enough to reach a pivotal moment in our own development. Our response? BRING IT ON!

What are you most excited to experience as a UW Fitness Day Coach? We are most excited about being in a space where everyone is celebrating the gift of movement. Movement is the movement people!

Ashley Froelich — Master Trainer, 24 Hour Fitness

Favorite workout quote:
Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Words of encouragement: Nobody else but you can do it.

Role model: Kendra Goffredo

What do you say to yourself when you want to throw in the towel?
The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

Proudest fitness accomplishment: Completing 2 Ironman triathlons

Best part about participating in UW Fitness Day: Getting out of my comfort zone and energizing other people about fitness.

Vickie Sheehan — Assistant Director of Communications, Finance & Administration

 Favorite workout quote: “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.”

Words of encouragement: Get it!

Role model: Wonder Woman

Who do you most want to see show up at UW Fitness Day?
People like me who may not feel “perfectly” fit and are just starting down their path to better health.

What are you most excited to experience as a UW Fitness Day Coach? The opportunity to motivate others who may have self-doubt like me.

Lauren Updyke — The Whole U

Favorite UW athlete of all time: Bruce Lee!

Words of encouragement: Embrace and respect.

Role model: My high school track coach, Julie Green. 

The fitness accomplishment I am most proud of is…
40 miles on my 40th birthday!

Who do you want to see show up at UW Fitness Day? The News!

Best part about participating in UW Fitness Day:
The community and positive energy.

Nicole Moore – The Whole U

Favorite UW athlete: Nate Robinson. He started his UW career playing football before focusing on basketball. What an athlete!

Workout quote: “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts” – Steve Prefontaine

Words of encouragement: Healthy is a lifestyle, not a body type.

Role model: My mom!

At Fitness Day I am most excited…for Bonnie Duran to guide over 1200 people through a post-workout meditation. The energy created by that many people cultivating self-compassion will be empowering! 

Jaron Burke — UW Recreation

Favorite workout quote: “Don’t let your mind hold your body back.” 

What do you say to yourself when you want to throw in the towel? “Get your mind right.” So much of exercise is mental. If you want something bad enough, chase after it.

My proudest fitness accomplishment is…that I have never suffered any serious injuries. I credit this to my effort to prioritize rest and recovery, and to develop a balanced, form-focused workout program for myself.

Who do you want to see at UW Fitness Day? I want to see the people who are struggling to get started on their own fitness journey, or who have fallen off of their previous routine. I hope UW Fitness Day will motivate them to get started or start back up!

So what are you waiting for? Register today before it’s too late! Looking for more reasons to join us for UW Fitness Day on May 2? We’ve got seven right here. Don’t forget to bring one non-perishable, shelf-stable food item to support Any Hungry Husky.

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