Keep moving with UW Fitness Day partner discounts

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Are you feeling energized by UW Fitness Day and want to keep that feeling going? Many of our dynamic Fitness Day coaches came courtesy of UW community fitness partners. And many of these offer great discounts for membership services through The Whole U.

Keep kindling your joy in movement with:

UW Recreation—IMA

Try the IMA’s safe, accessible and dynamic recreation facilities and programs for a free one-week trial, then enjoy savings on quarter or annual membership and guest fees.

Barry’s Bootcamp Seattle

Get the original high-intensity interval workout that tones muscle and maximizes fat loss. UW faculty and staff get discounts on drop-in rates and multi-class packages—and the first class is offered for free!


Balance your body in a savvy, low-impact workout that mixes athleticism, grace and the latest innovations. UW employees save 30% on a 10-class package.


UW faculty and staff get special rates for membership and classes in heated and unheated yoga, barre, Pilates, bootcamp, kettlebell, battle ropes, boxing and TRX.

Pranify Yoga

Offering intuitive movement accessible to all, with precision and grace, levity and gravity, harmonizing breath, movement and sensation. Save on monthly membership and class packages.

Chinese Wushu and Tai Chi Academy

Study authentic Chen and Yang-style Tai Chi, Qigong, push-hands drilling and weapons forms with Master Yijiao Hong. UW employees get 20% off beginner classes.

More from The Whole U

And, of course, check out The Whole U events portal and virtual fitness and mindfulness class schedule for many more opportunities to move, to learn, to engage… for your wellness!