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Formerly known as Modo Yoga Seattle. Pranify Yoga now operates independently continuing to grow strong since 2014.

Pranify Yoga is a collective of conscious human beings committed to individual and community care. We are devoted to the details that matter most. To hold space for the stories of your life. Your triumphs. Your challenges. The stirrings of your heart.

Our yoga classes offer intuitive movement accessible to all. Precision and grace. Levity and gravity. Harmonizing breath, movement and sensation striking a clear resonant of coming alive. A journey of inquiry, discovery and waking up to our lives and the inherent wellspring of insight and inspiration contained within. Coming home to ourselves and remembering an inner quality already living right at the centre of our being. A profound place where stillness speaks of quiet certainty. Quiet power.

Benefits & Savings:

$24 monthly discount on a monthly membership (over $250 total for a year!)

$24 discount on a purchase of a 5-class or 10-class package

Call or visit the studio to enroll or purchase and bring Husky Card.

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