Thank You UW Nurses!

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Our appreciation

Superheroes don’t always wear capes; they wear personal protective equipment all day for hours and hours taking care of their patients. Our superheroes are our UW Medicine nurses. We can’t thank them enough! One week each year our nation celebrates and recognizes the amazing work of nurses.  Although a week is too short, for the second year in a row, Governor Jay Inslee proclaims May as Nurses Month in Washington State.

“I encourage all people in our state to join me in honoring the nurses of Washington, especially recognizing the critical and live-saving role that registered nurses have filled around our state, country, and world through the current coronavirus pandemic.”

Thank you, Governor Jay Inslee for recognizing May 2021 as Nurses Month.

UW School of Nursing’s Executive Dean Azita Emami, also recognizes National Nurses Month on her School of Medicine blog here.

UW Medicine is also hosting a great virtual all day well-being event on May 12 from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Anyone is welcome to register for this Nurses Week Well-being Event Featuring Sekou Andrews – Register Today!

Sekou will be spending time with us via zoom sharing stories and inspiring us with his spoken word in an interview style with questions like:

  • This last year has been beyond challenging.. and exhausting.  How do you continue to stay engaged, compassionate, and connected to your purpose or profession when you are exhausted?
  • Some of us started our career in Nursing during a pandemic.  Some of us haven’t even ever seen each other’s full faces.  There is so much that is different and isolating about our work and word.  How do you stay connected to yours?
  • The demands of everything seem overwhelming, often – do more, with less – It can feel like “Does anyone care what’s going on with me?”  Have you felt this?  What have you done when you felt alone in a crowd?
  • It’s so easy to remember the tough patients, the really sad stories, they have a lot of power.  We can forget the happy ones, the successes.  What do you do to remember success stories more, to see the bright spots more often?

More information about the day here:  Nurses Week 2021 Sekou

The Whole U supports UW nurses

If you’re a nurse, don’t miss The Whole U’s Code Lavender page of wellness resources  for ways to enhance your mental and physical strength as you continue to care for your patients. Whether you complete a short workout, listen to a playlist, or do a 5-minute meditation, it is crucial to call a Code Lavender and take the time for self-care.

Discounts for Nurses 

Retailers and restaurants show their appreciation! Check out these discounts just for nurses.