UW Pumpkin Carving Contest

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This October faculty, staff and students from all across the University and UW Medicine participated in Pumpkin Picasso: UW’s Artistic Carving Contest. We collected photo submissions to spread the scream-tastic spirit of our creative colleagues and hosted the vote for a winner on our Instagram stories. 🎃👻 

Without further ado, our winner is Marisa Garcia. See her creative design below, and enjoy additional submissions from our talented colleagues.

Marisa Garcia, UW Medicine, Primary Care, Population Health

Heidi Wickersham, Director of Initiatives, CC: Administration

‘Pumpkin painter’ from Diana O’Day, Research Scientist, School of Medicine

Mary Grace Asirot, Research Coordinator, Department of Neurology, Harborview Medical Center

Kasandra N Natewa, UWMC Emergency Dept.

Abby McGee, PhD Student, Department of Genome Sciences

Ana M. Rivera Gonzalez, Custodian Lead, Environmental Services, UWMC – NW


Charlie Barrows. “Carbon can only connect to a maximum of four hydrogen atoms, not five, so for chemistry students this carving is spooooky.”

Valicia Linn, BSN RN – Employee Health Services & Exposure Team

Varun Jhaveri, UW Pediatrics


Tina Nguyen, Purchasing Specialist

Stacey Breitberg, Department of Scandinavian Studies

Cindi Charles, Human Subjects Division

Nuclear Medicine Section Department of Radiology

Niklas Muller, Department of Physics

Nancy Hautala, Meany Center for the Performing Arts

Linh Le, Department of Medicine

Mary Iverson, School of Art + Art History + Design

Kristina Culpepper, School of Medicine

Kandis Byrd, UW Facilities

Jerusha Nelson

“Hoot Hoot Who’s Cute” by Susie Hawkey, Laura-Roy, and Elizabeth-Wooler

Brittany Hale, Department of Epidemiology

Ann Rivera Gonzalez

Ann Filligham, Department of Neurosurgery

Thai Dunsdon, UW Medical Center

Dayna Moody

Chakrya Lim, College of Education

Kristina Bartleson, College of Education – Haring Center

Thuy Taylor, Department of Rehab Medicine

Adam Drinkwater, UW Medical Center

Witch Coven Volunteer Recruitment, UW Medical Center Volunteer Services

Dan Graham, School of Medicine – Bioengineering