Email template: March Culinary Countdown

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Subject: Experience Homemade Meals for 21 Days


Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? We all know that preparing food at home is one of the healthiest ways to eat, but making time for it can be tough—the planning, shopping, cooking, and clean-up.

To celebrate March’s National Nutrition Month, The Whole U has issued a new challenge—one that will get you on the right track to making at least one homemade meal a day, every day for 21 days. You choose the meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Different days can be different meals. (Not sure why they don’t mention second breakfast and midnight snack =)

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. Register for the Culinary Countdown Challenge now.
  1. Get even more involved by joining the private Eating Well Whole U Facebook group. (optional)
  1. Each Friday, March 6 – 27, receive an email with recipe suggestions, cooking tips, and videos from UW community members who know a thing or two about the art of cooking: Whole U team member and former chef at Napa’s Andretti Winery Chiara Iacoviello, UW Club Executive Chef Jon Maley, and UWMC Dietitian Charlotte Furman.
  2. Share your own healthy recipes and/or photos of your home-cooked meals for a chance to win your very own Whole U cooking apron.
  3. Looking forward to a healthy and delicious March!

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