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The Whole U’s First Year

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The Whole U launched in January 2014. What a year it has been…

Whole U - By the Numbers

The Whole U – By the Numbers


17,621 Non-Unique Participant Interactions

  • 52% Pro Staff
  • 32% Classified Staff
  • 12% Academic Personnel
  • 4% Retiree/Other

Pillar Breakdown

Being Active
  • 69 Articles
  • 47 Events
  • 10 Social Groups
Eating Well
  • 41 Articles
  • 7 Events
  • 1 Social Group
Engaging Interest
  • 95 Articles
  • 12 Events
  • 4 Social Groups
Life Events & Changes
  • 24 Articles
  • 2 Events
  • 2 Social Groups
Staying Healthy
  • 43 Articles
  • 11 Events
  • 22 Articles
  • 2 Events

* Does not include partner events co-promoted by The Whole U or activities only promoted to members of a social group under The Whole U umbrella.

Virtual Training

3,296 Total Participants

  • Kettlebell: 637
  • Running / Walking: 662
  • Stair Climb: 871
  • Stretch & Flex: 383
  • Yoga: 743

The Whole U Discount Network

  • 214 Discounts in 2014. Included built in network.
  • 42,585 Discount network accessed.

Website Stats

  • 1,016 Average Daily Pageviews
  • 354,439 Pageviews
  • 119,829 Users

5 Most Engaged Organizations / Groups

  • School of Medicine
  • Finance & Facilities
  • College of Engineering
  • Medical Center
  • Arts & Sciences

Community Enhancers

  • Guinness World Record Kettlebell Workout*: 1,465 Participants
  • Photo Day: 1,294 Participants
  • Ovations: 922 Participants
  • Scavenger Hunt*: 750 Participants
  • Stress Less Holiday Challenge*: 553 Participants
  • Summer of FUNction Challenge: 398 Participants
  • Whole U Section at Husky Athletic Events: 575 Participants
  • Yoga Challenge*: 700 Participants

* Event held on all three campuses.

We are proud to have hosted 82 events all over the UW. We’ve also shared 290 articles by and about UW faculty and staff on The Whole U website. But more than the numbers, this year has been about community—from UW experts generously sharing their knowledge and talents to colleagues building new connections across disciplines, departments, and campuses. Here are just a few of the glowing comments from faculty and staff:

Whole U Program Comments


“NOTHING could have been better. The show was dazzling. You did an OUTSTANDING job in every detail.”

Gerald H. Pollack, PhD, Professor, Bioengineering

“I’ve gone to the Ovations and the Thriller IMA dance class. Whoever is the mover/shaker of the Whole U clearly has a lot of good ideas and enthusiasm and is doing some great things!”

David Gordon, Software Engineer, Genome Sciences

Virtual Training

“I DID IT!! Mt. Baker!! Just so you know, I’m in pretty good shape for my age; however, this challenge has been a whole different thing. Just wanted to let you know that I’m ready to take on Mt. Rainier. YIKES!!”

Deborah Katz, Teaching Associate, Family Medicine

Summer of FUNction Fitness Challenge

“My success is that this challenge really helped me break through a plateau and find fun ways to be fit and eat better. I went from rarely being active to running 3 times a week, working out 4 times a week, and dancing another 3 times a week. I’ve lost 55 pounds, and this challenge really helped me be FIT and truly helped me form better habits which I still follow. I feel connected and proud to be a part of the UW community.”

Jennifer Connors, Student Services Operations & Accounts Manager, Housing & Food Services

Whole U Speaker Series: Dr. Vitiello on Sleep

“Well-spent hour learning helpful info for me personally and for my job as a psychologist for students.”

Ronald Chamberlain, Sports Psychologist, ICA

Cooking Demo

“Chef Tracey should be designated a University treasure (I’d say national treasure, but we’re a state entity). She of course is a skilled culinary professional, but she is also able to teach. I am amazed that she offers us her time, and am incredibly thankful that she does.”

Maria Card, Human Resources Consultant, HR OPS–Upper Campus

Whole U Speaker Series: Neal Dempsey—the Endurance Mindset

“I liked having exposure to such a distinguished alum, successful business leader, etc. It was very interesting to hear what has worked for him. Thanks for the opportunity!”

Lorna Bixler, Senior Auditor, Internal Audit

Moveable Type

“Loved it! I met some really interesting people and had some great conversations. What a perfect way to end a rainy day. It was also my first time at the UW Club—what a beautiful venue!”

Jasmine Campbell, Grant and Contract Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

Collaboration with the IMA

“We got positive reviews and the instructors were likewise glowing [about Adaptive Yoga Workshop]. If we offer a class, I believe it will be the first adaptive programming in the history of the Department of Recreational Sports. Because of The Whole U platform, I feel better able to welcome those who otherwise might feel out of place in a health and wellness setting. Pretty powerful.”

Anne Garrett, Fitness Coordinator, IMA

In the next year, we plan to bring back some of the most popular events, such as the Scavenger Hunt and Free Photo Day, while continuing to add new ways for faculty and staff to connect. If you have any ideas, please share them with us via The Whole U Community Interest Survey.

Want more details on what we’ve done in our first year? Check out the timeline developed for the Board of Regents (click to enlarge):

Whole U Timeline

Thank you to everyone who has been part of The Whole U. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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