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Week Two – Plow through Holiday Stress with Movement

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As the days get shorter and your after-work and weekend schedule fills with holiday to-do and festivities, it is easy to postpone your exercise for another day. If you knew how powerful 10 minutes of exercise could be on your stress levels, would you choose to make time? We are in week two of The Stress Less Holiday Challenge and this week’s challenge is to convince you there is always time to fit in some fitness “me” time.

Ten minutes of exercise gives your brain a boost, decreases tension, elevates your mood, improves your sleep, and improves your confidence. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise has been shown to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

The Whole U challenges you to try to fit in 10 minutes each day this week. Take a walk, take the stairs, or do some strengthening exercises at your desk. Open up your calendar and schedule 10 minutes each morning and each afternoon — use this as your designated workout time. Decide what you are going to do — for example, Mondays you walk, Tuesdays you stair climb, Wednesday you do strength, Thursday you stair climb, and Fridays you walk. If you don’t have a plan, even if it is just for a 10-minute workout, you won’t follow through. Spontaneous exercise is awesome but rarely happens. Have you ever looked up from your computer and realized that it is already lunchtime and you have been sitting for the last four hours? If you make it an appointment on your calendar with a reminder, chances are you will achieve success and reap the benefits.

The Whole U has created lots of opportunities for you to try.

Step On Up is a great program to do over the winter – stay dry and burn a ton of extra calories on the stairs – GO

5K Run or Walk programs allow you to follow them on your own time – GO

The Yoga Handout works because you can do it almost anywhere – GO

The Flex at your Desk handout shows you moves you can do in your cube – GO

Coach Marti has also provided you with Marti Minutes, quick videos on strength moves to try. Check out our first one here:

On Tuesday, November 18, we are offering FREE Zumba at the HUB at 8:00 a.m. Whether you have two left feet or are an avid Zumba enthusiast, join us for some fun. The session will be led by your UW colleagues Daren Wade, clinical instructor for Global Health and director for the Global Health Resource Center, and Meghan Fitzpatrick, communications specialist for the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, who are both licensed Zumba instructors. This great workout incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo dance moves. FREE Whole U tee to all who participate. Register now.

Zumba is part of The Stress Less Holiday Challenge that runs until January. It’s not too late to join. Each week, you will receive an email with a recipe and workout along with a link to track your stress levels. Register now.

Let’s continue to make the holidays less stressful!