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Who’s featured in the Pose of the Day emails? Talented UW faculty and staff! They have a variety of yoga expertise with one thing in common: a love for yoga. I met up with these yogis to learn about them, their practice, and hear what excites them about Yoga Month at UW.


Yogini:  Michelle Chambers, advancement officer for School of Public Health

Her practice:  5 times/week

How/When were you introduced to yoga?  I started practicing as treatment for chronic pain caused by ballet injuries and arthritis. Yoga not only healed the pain, but introduced me to a whole new expressive art form!

What excites you about Yoga Month: I am excited about programs that bring yoga to the masses and make it accessible and fun. You don’t have to bend yourself into a pretzel to be a yogi. All you have to do is breathe and explore the poses–we call it a practice for a reason.


Yogi: Marc Maurer, front desk at Radiology

His practice: 1-2 times/week

How were you introduced to yoga: Through martial arts. Some of the students talked about yoga and encouraged me to try it.

Favorite yoga pose: Tree. It encourages stillness and stability.


Yogini: Karen Kirsch, advancement coordinator at School of Public Health

Her practice: 1 time/week

What excites you about Yoga Month: I love hearing about how yoga has impacted the lives of others. There is so much positivity and strength to be found in yoga practice.

Her perspective: Yoga is about loving myself. Giving myself time to be quiet, to stretch my muscles, and to rejuvenate my spirit.


Yogi: Dr. Gary Martin (a.k.a. “Yoga Gary”), full-time lecturer for Near Eastern Languages and Civilization & yoga instructor at the IMA

Yoga practice: 3-4 times/week

How were you introduced to yoga: I was introduced in 2006 through the insistent advice of a massage therapist.

What excites you about Yoga Month: It’s a great time to connect with the UW community before the new academic year gets into full swing. It will be great to provide information about a wide variety of yoga styles and levels, especially so those interested in beginning yoga are less intimidated about starting with a class and are in an environment that makes them comfortable.


Yogini:  Anna Frazer, director of student affairs at School of Public Health

Her practice: 1-4 times/week

Favorite yoga pose: Trikonasana (Triangle) – I love the glorious sense of radiant expansion and strength.

What excites you about Yoga Month: Practicing as part of a community. The Whole U program brings a yoga community to my work community. Win-win.


Yogi: Bomani Siwatu, test lead at UW-IT

His practice: 5 times/week

What excites you about Yoga Month: It’s an opportunity for the UW community — from the slightly curious to decades of experience — to share yoga and general good health practices.

His perspective: Yoga helped me improve my flexibility, balance, and to address my back (sciatica) issues. Through breath control it’s helped me to improve my concentration and relaxation resulting also in better sleep. Other than that, it hasn’t done very much for me!


Yogini: Katie Harkins, associate director for Annual Giving Programs

Her practice: 2-5 times/week

How were you introduced to yoga: I started evening yoga with friends in 2007. Immediately I fell in love with the physical challenge and spiritual growth opportunities.

What excites you about Yoga Month: Yoga is a great tool for confidence, discipline, meditation, strength, and flexibility. Who couldn’t use a little more of those?


Yogini: Ardith L. Feroglia, academic adviser for School of Public Health

Her practice: It varies!

What excites you about Yoga Month: It will help us think about BALANCE in our lives! Not just literally, but figuratively.

Yoga benefits: Yoga helps me balance mind, body, and spirit, resetting me for those intense days at the CrossFit gym.


Thank you to all eight yogis for volunteering their time and talents for Yoga Month! Dust off YOUR mat or bring in a towel, because there’s still time to celebrate UW Yoga Month. Try a yoga studio from our fitness network, enter the Yoga Break Contest and participate in a number of other yoga opportunities this September. Details here!

We’ve had over 500 people sign up for the Pose of the Day Challenge so far! Together, we are performing fun poses like bound angle, dolphin, cow face and bridge while gaining amazing benefits associated with yoga. Check out some of your colleagues’ moves:

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What have you learned during Yoga Month? Tell us in the comments below.