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UW Faculty and Staff are Certified “Officially Amazing”

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The nail biting amongst The Whole U team is finally over! We have received official confirmation from Guinness World Records that our UW faculty and staff made history on January 24 when we gathered to set a new record for the world’s largest kettlebell workout/demonstration class!

In the words of Mrs. Marti Young, who coached 1,200 faculty and staff through the 30-minute workout, “Can I get a Bell-Yeah?” Relive the day or checkout what you missed with this super fun two-minute recap:

Watch the recap and you will see President Young on stage swinging his kettlebell. He was also at Dempsey Indoor the night before with The Whole U Ambassador team to set up the field. “I am proud every day of our faculty and staff, but securing the world record for the world’s largest kettlebell workout is particularly sweet. It shows that with a little creativity we find time to move at work, try new things, and smash a world record along the way.”

“Thanks to everyone who made it to the workout on the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses. When UW staff and faculty come together, we are undaunted….bring on the next challenge,” adds Vice President for Human Resources Mindy Kornberg.

The world record was previously held by 300 athletes from the International Confederation of Kettlebell Lifting Masters and International Kettlebell Triathlon Federation in Arkhangelsk, Russia. In order to strip them of the title, we had to turn in video footage, photographs, and have two notaries certify that we had 20 impartial/non-UW affiliated observers watching our workout and counting participants.

My favorite part of the communication from Guinness confirming our world record is the part where they call us “officially amazing.” The Whole U is pumped and ready to think about breaking another world record in 2015. What record should we go after next? Email us and we will research and report back!

Were you part of history? Download a cover photo or profile pic (right click to save) as a badge of honor on social media. The Whole U is displaying it proudly on our Facebook page!