“Dryuary” 2014

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Each year since I was in my mid-twenties, I have been observing “Dryuary.” What started out of pure exhaustion from combining my usual 20-something activities with a month full of holiday parties, has become an annual detoxifing ritual that my husband and various friends have joined in on.

For one month, I say no thank you to two of my favorite things: coffee and wine. I replace the caffeine and alcohol with extra healthy eating and get in as much exercising as I can.

The first week is always grueling, but by week two I feel great. Usually around week three, I am evangelizing to everyone who will listen to me about how great detoxing feels and making sweeping statements that I am going to keep it up all winter. And by week four, I am counting the days until it is over and I can return to happy hour and the coffee shop.

So why do it? I don’t know. I guess it makes me feel better knowing that I could give up caffeine or alcohol if I had to for a health reason. It also helps shed a few pounds and save a few dollars after an overindulgent holiday season. But most importantly, it forces me to explore new ways to find energy and relaxation.

On New Years Day, after hiding the coffee in the freezer and putting the French press in the highest cabinet, I embarked on learning how to make green smoothies at home. Parsley, kale, cucumber, and apple juice. Spinach, broccoli, carrot, and pear. The possibilities are endless and all those greens make me feel great. Plus, I constantly overbuy produce so I instead of throwing items away, I am now throwing them in the blender. Best of all, my six year old son loves helping me concoct smoothies and drinks them up with me.

And this week, I can’t wait to try two new energizing activities: kettlebelling and setting world records! Between The Whole U discount network at new fitness studios and online farmers market to opportunities to move more at work, this year’s Dryaury is going great. I am going to keep this up all winter…or at least until January 31!