Raise the Bar Weekly Competitions!

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Raise the Bar Summer Wellness Challenge is just around the corner!

Throughout the span of the challenge, there will be 6 weekly competitions based on physical activity, mental wellness, healthy eating, and community building.

To track your progress, use The Whole U summer wellness tracker (sent via email on July 15th after registration) to jot down your week’s accomplishment and report your data on the respective forms below.

Raise the Bar – Weekly Themes


Week One (July 15 – 21)

Move More!

Weekly Competition – Total Miles Exercised

Whether it be working out at the gym in the morning or taking a lunch hour walk, there are plenty of ways to increase the number of miles taken a day.



Week Two (July 22 – July 28)

Burn More!

Weekly Competition – Total Minutes Exercised

Try to carve out at least thirty minutes out of your schedule to go to a fitness class or play an outdoor sport with others.

It’s great way to destress and have fun at the same time!



Week Three (July 29 – August 4)

Eat More Veggies!