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At University Book Store, we have a special place in our hearts for local writers, and in the coming weeks, we’re proud to welcome a few particular talents through our doors and onto our bookshelves in a series of exciting author events.

Dr. Anne McTiernan visits our U District store on Monday, January 23. A University of Washington alumna, McTiernan is also a professor, researcher, and doctor who has received numerous honors and helped thousands of women in their relationships with food. You can learn more about all she has overcome to achieve health, success, and the ability to help others at the reading for her new book, Starved: A Nutrition Doctor’s Journey from Empty to Full.

You’d never guess the challenges she faced early in life. Abandoned by her mother at a boarding school aged four, McTiernan rose past a succession of obstacles to earn a Ph.D. in Epidemiology at the UW. She now serves as a professor at UW’s Schools of Public Health and Medicine.

If you enjoy a little intrigue and romance, A Drop of Ink is all you need. Celebrated Pacific Northwest writer Megan Chance introduces her latest haunting historical novel at our Bellevue store with a reading and signing on Tuesday, January 24.

Drawing inspiration from the 19th century vacation-turned-writing-retreat that gave birth to literary classics Frankenstein and The VampyreA Drop of Ink is a turbulent tale of poetry, passion, ambition, and inspiration. Two disgraced sisters who find their only hope of salvation lies in persuading one sister’s former flame to advance the career of the other sister’s new beau. Set against a late-19th century gothic milieu, this is historical fiction at its best and most beguiling.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Our favorite former DEA agent has gotten herself tangled up with more than one shadowy organization in Mike Lawson‘s K Street. Kay Hamilton arrives at her employer’s office ready to resign only to interrupt a violent burglary. Her injured boss manages to whisper a name that sets her off on a new quest for answers.

Author Mike Lawson, a former senior civilian executive for the U.S. Navy, joins us for a reading and signing Thursday, February 2 at the U District store. Drop by for a top-secret briefing on his action-packed read.

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