Celebrate National Yoga Month!

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Celebrate National Yoga Month with The Whole U this September! Whether you’ve been curious about yoga or are a seasoned yogi, join us in experiencing the incredible benefits of yoga. During the whole month of September you’ll find free yoga classes on all campuses, social media inspiration and contests, and an opportunity to participate in our main event on the Seattle campus in partnership with UW Recreational Sports Programs and Lululemon. For the Husky fans, there will also be a football game followed by a yoga class at Husky Stadium sponsored by UW Athletics on September 17. For those of you that want to do yoga on your own or with coworkers we encourage you to sign up for the 21 day yoga challenge.

We will offer yoga classes at all of the following locations. Sign up for one or all of them:

South Campus Center
UW Bothell
UW Campus Celebration (HUB Ballroom)

Registration for these classes above are open!

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