Calling all UW artists for Ovations 2016

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By day, you write emails and bust out budget reports. But by night, you wow crowds at open mics. Your week is filled with papers, presentations, and group projects. But when the weekend comes, you dash off poems, produce beats, and paint pictures. Whether you’re a rocker, a raconteur, a dancer, a videographer, or a soprano, we invite you to show your talent off at this year’s Ovations, UW’s annual performance showcase. Take the stage at Meany Hall on the afternoon of November 20 to be cheered on by your coworkers, classmates, teachers, friends, and family. If your artistic talent takes the form of canvas, clay, fabric, or glass, we invite you to exhibit your work in the lobby of Meany Theater next to the renowned work of other Northwest artists like Jacob Lawrence and Dale Chihuly.


We can only take a limited number of acts, so sign up soon! Email the a short video of what we can expect from your performance by October 12, or a photo (including dimensions and a brief description) of your art by September 30. All audition videos will be considered, and those selected to perform in Ovations will be notified in early October. Have questions? Contact Chiara Iacoviello at

Check out a few of last year’s performances: