UW National Walk Day

Celebrate National Walk Day with The Whole U

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Get up and move! According to the American Heart Association, we’re spending more time sitting than ever before. This inactive behavior can increase our risk of heart disease, stroke, and other diseases. Take the first step to a healthier life at work by taking part in this year’s National Walk Day at UW. Register below if you can commit to walking either on your own, with colleagues, or at one of The Whole U scheduled group walks on Wednesday, April 6.

Can we get 1,000 UW faculty and staff to commit and walk for 30 minutes? Post or email a selfie while on your walk or a picture of your favorite walking spot with #WalkAtUW and you could win a Whole U prize!

All registered participants will receive an email on April 1 with the list of scheduled walks happening at noon on April 6. Group walks will take place on the Seattle campus, Tacoma campus, Bothell campus, and at Harborview.