Guinness World Record Umbrella Dance

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Here’s a sample email to send out to your departments to get people excited for the umbrella dance. Feel free to personalize it all you want.

The next time UW makes history may be on January 28, 2015. And trust me or anyone who helped the UW secure the world record for the largest kettlebell class in history—you want to be a part of this. This time we are going after the title for the largest umbrella dance. Watch the promo here and get excited. Almost 1,000 people have already registered so make sure to reserve your spot ASAP. As your Whole U ambassador, I want to see an outpouring of our department sign up and make sure to enter my name under “How did you hear about this event?”

Need more incentive? Participants get a Whole U umbrella, commemorative t-shirt, and an opportunity to win prizes. And then, there are the bragging rights. “Two-time Guinness World Record holder” has a nice ring to it…

Download the flier here.