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3 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot Early

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The flu is tricky, and I always forget how bad it is until I catch it. Here are three reasons to get your flu shot early and stay on the safe side of flu:

  1. It’s highly contagious
  2. The virus changes and new strains appear
  3. When flu season actually kicks in is not an exact science

So get ahead of it this year! You’ll avoid the aches and fever, the sore throat, and the overall fatigue if you get your flu shot before the season has a chance to sneak up on you.

The CDC recommends getting your flu shot by October. Luckily, beginning September 22, flu shots are available for faculty, staff, and retirees covered by a PEBB health plan, and for students covered by a GAIP or ISHIP plan, on all three campuses, at Health Sciences, South Lake Union, Sandpoint, and more spots.

Check out the schedules and here’s the fine print: no appointment is necessary, bring your photo ID, your health insurance card, and a completed claim form so that the bill goes to your UW plan at no cost to you. Dependents covered under your health plan are eligible as well!

Have more questions about how flu season could impact you? Check out HR’s guide to the flu season for answers to FAQs including when to call in sick, temporary telework options, and what to do if a coworker is sick.

Together, we can minimize the flu. Let’s make it happen!