Being Active

2019 UW Fitness Day
2018 UW Fitness Day
2018 UW Fitness Day Promo Spot
Help Send Special Olympics Washington Athletes to the USA Games at UW in 2018
UW Fitness Day at Husky Stadium—May 24, 2017

2017 UW Fitness Day Promo Spot
UW Walk Week 2017—We Walked 2200+ Miles!

Strength Training: Deadlift
Strength Training: Front and Back Lunge
Strength Training: Bench Press
Strength Training: Overhead Shoulder Press
Strength Training: Upright Row
Strength Training: Bench Dip
Strength Training: Inverted Row
Strength Training: Back Squat

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Get the Mindset
Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Strength Training Exercises

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Fat & Weight Loss Formula

Dare to Do 2017: Fitness—Circuit Training Exercises
Dare to Do 2017: Fitness: Parting Tips

Tennis Ball Exercises – Shoulder + Back
Tennis Ball Exercises – Hip + Shoulder
Tennis Ball Exercises – Hamstring + Hip
Tennis Ball Exercises – Foot + Calf
2016 UW Scavenger Hunt: A Husky Walk of Fame
Whole U Yoga: Hatha Flow with Michael Glass

Whole U Yoga: Sun Salutation with Mandy Morneault
Whole U Yoga: Restorative Yoga with Sarah Hay
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Stretching
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Quads & Shoulders
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Back Row
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Chest Press/Pull Downs
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Front and Side Raise
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Triceps
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Biceps
Summer Fitness Challenge Band Workouts: Shoulder Press-Bicep Curl
Thriller Dance from the IMA & The Whole U
Desk Yoga for Hips
Desk Yoga for Your Neck
Desk Yoga for Wrists & Fingers
Desk Yoga for Arms and Sides
Desk Yoga for Torso
Desk Yoga for Shoulders


Eating Well

Whole U Speaker Series:  Epigenetics & Inflammation with Dr. Heather Tick
Leaky Gut and Chronic Inflammation with Dr. Will DePaolo
How Fad Diets Affect Your Gut Microbiome with Kristine Carlson, RD, and Dr. Will DePaolo
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Cutting Calories

Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Getting Green
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Meal Prep
Dare to Do 2017: Nutrition—Tips for Eating Out

Wine 101 with UW Professor Michael Wagner
Whole U Cooking – Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries Sauce 
Whole U Cooking – Parmigiano Baskets 
Whole U Cooking – Spaghetti with Clams
Chef Mehta Cooking Demo 

Staying Healthy

Dare to Do 2019: UW Gymnastics’ Elise Ray on effective goal-setting
Whole U Speaker Series: Learning Happiness with Dr. Tabitha Kirkland
Whole U Speaker Series: Skin Cancer Prevention from Vitamin A to Zinc Oxide with Dr. Jennifer Gardner
Whole U Speaker Series: Aging into Strength with Dr. Kevin McQuade
Whole U Speaker Series – Sitting Disease
Whole U Speaker Series with Dr. Michael V. Vitiello – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 


Engaging Interests

Whole U Speaker Series: Alice Few on How to View a Solar Eclipse
Whole U Speaker Series: Cliff Mass on Weather Forecasts

Whole U Speaker Series: Courage & Compassion with Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D.
Pet Behavior with Dr. James Ha
Crows: Smarter Than You Think with UW Professor John Marzluff


Life Events & Changes

Whole U Speaker Series: Dr. Karin Frey on Bullying and Revenge Behaviors in Adolescents
Panel Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce
Whole U Speaker Series: Occupational health through the lens of equity
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Office
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Kitchen & Family Room
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Bedroom, Closets, and Bathroom
Dare to Do 2017: Organization—Garage and Car Spaces
Parenting Styles – What Do the UW Experts Say?
Stan Chernicoff: A Second Act of Service
Whole U Speaker Series: Pepper Schwartz on the Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples
Whole U Mindful Parenting Seminar


UW Launches Partnership with Be The Match – Panel Discussion
Handmade from the Heart: Crafting Cards for Patients at UWMC
Coach Romar on Making a Difference in Your Community


Ovations 2017
Ovations 2017: Matt Bishop & Joseph Franco
Ovations 2017: Dolly Wei Mei Huang
Ovations 2017: Linda Nicole Blair
Ovations 2017: Dance For You
Ovations 2017: Dawn Corl & Pamella Guntrum
Ovations 2017: Jim Earnshaw
Ovations 2017: Machelle Allman
Ovations 2017: The Collective
Ovations 2017: Chris McEwen & Kevin King
Ovations 2017: Jennifer Carroll
Ovations 2017: Dave Morrin
Ovations 2017: Aura Dance Company
Ovations 2017: Rick Harkewicz a.k.a. Rick McWolfe
Ovations 2017: Margo Murphy & John Roberts
Ovations 2017: Christine Nguyen
Ovations 2016, Promo Spot
Ovations 2015
Ovations 2015: Corbin Bugni
Ovations 2015: Jennifer Carroll
Ovations 2015: The Collective
Ovations 2015: Dawn Corl & Pamella Guntrum
Ovations 2015: Virginia Daugherty & Maureen Warren
Ovations 2015: Catherine Duffy
Ovations 2015: Jim Earnshaw
Ovations 2015: Echo Texture
Ovations 2015: The M9
Ovations 2015: Parwati Martin
Ovations 2015: David Miles
Ovations 2015: RadOnc Beamers Choir
Ovations 2015: Margo Murphy & John Roberts
Ovations 2015: Christine Sismaet
Ovations 2015: Dean Speer
Ovations 2015: GregRobin Smith
Ovations 2015: Lyle Zimmerman
Ovations 2014: William Beauchere
Ovations 2014: Eleanor Stallcop Horrox
Ovations 2014: Parwati Martin
Ovations 2014: Chris McEwn & Kevin King
Ovations 2014: Tess Morgan
Ovations 2014: Linda Seay
Ovations 2014: Tim Stetter
Ovations 2014: Haeda Yasui