Master Finances

Financial concerns significantly impact your stress level and overall wellbeing. Learn how to improve your debt, manage your money, maximize your savings and work towards both short- and long-term financial goals.

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Goal Setting: Creating what you already have webinar with Lee Davis
Click here to view the slides from Lee Davis’ workshop. 

Make 2021 Count with Jennifer Cohen

Group Kick-Off and Budgeting Workshop with Doug Stucki
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Additional workshop resources from Fidelity:

Manage and Reduce Your Debt with Doug Stucki from Fidelity

Checking in on your goals with Lee Davis
Click here to view the slides from Lee Davis’ workshop. 

Take the First Step to Investing with Doug Stucki from Fidelity
Recording coming soon!


What Happens to Your Benefits When the Unexpected Happens

Buying a Condo Webinar



Home Buyer Workshop with HomeStreet Bank
Click here to download the slides.

Navigating the New Normal


Lunch & Learn Informal Sessions with Fidelity Investments
Attend an Ask Fidelity Zoom session every first and third Wednesday of the month. Each session will consist of a 15 minute overview presentation, followed by open format time for your questions. Sessions are themed, but all questions are welcome. Click here to register for a session.

April 14, 2021 – Navigating your Account On
April 28, 2021 – Housing: Rent vs. Buy
May 12, 2021 – FIRE – Financially Independent Retire Early
May 26, 2021 – Individual Stock or ETF -Which one is right?


Download a SMART Goal sheet. As you spend this first week thinking critically about what your goals are for the 90-day challenge and beyond, use this SMART goal handout to help you create goals that are structured for success. Click here to download the PDF.

Download and participate in a 30 Day Financial Challenge. Simplify your life and stress less about your personal finances with the 30 Ways to Improve Your Financial Wellness Checklist. Making simple changes in how you spend your time can have major impact on saving money. Thanks to our partnership with BECU, this handy checklist provides simple reminders of every day ways to improve your financial wellness. Click here to register for the challenge. 


Click here to view a variety of articles on The Whole U blog discussing many facets of financial wellness. From savings and debt reduction, to retirement, mortgages and more.


13 Ways to Be Better With a Budget

Whether that focus be on de-cluttering, reassessing our priorities, or managing our finances, there are many tips and tricks to find success in our endeavors.





15 Exercises for Financial Fitness

Finances can be stressful even without a pandemic. Striving to be financially fit takes practice, consistency, and hard work. But at the end of the day, efforts to increase your financial education and freedom have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing, from reduced stress and anxiety to a heightened sense of security.

Additional Resources 

The Whole U offers a wide variety of financial resources. Explore seminars, article content, discounts, 1:1 appointments and more on our Financial Wellness page.

Refinancing Your Home and Home Equity with Homestreet Bank

Interested in refinancing your home? Tune in to this webinar presented by Homestreet Bank to learn whether refinancing may benefit you, the advantages of using cash from your home, how to consolidate or avoid consumer debt, and how to distinguish the difference between a home equity loan and line of credit.

Credit File Security with HomeStreet Bank and American Reporting Company

This webinar jointly presented by HomeStreet Bank and the ARC dives into the difference between credit freezes and credit locks, best practices when applying for credit if your file is frozen or locked, fraud alerts, and opting out of unwanted solicitations.