Every Monday Matters

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Celebrate The Little Things

This is the fourth installment in the new Every Monday Matters series. UW Combined Fund Drive is partnering with Every Monday Matters, a nonprofit committed to inspiring a new normal where people understand how and why they matter to themselves, the community, and the world.

December’s here and snow is in the air. Already, millions upon millions of flakes have fallen, building up by the foot in the mountains. And yet, it’s pretty remarkable that no two flakes are ever alike; not even close to every possible type of snowflake has appeared before. We know this, yet the uniqueness of snowflakes is not a thought most of us spend much time dwelling upon. Most of us don’t even think about snowflakes at all; we just think “snow.” But ask yourself: why is it so hard to notice the little things? There is so much beauty and so much for which can be thankful. So this week, we encourage you to recognize and love the little things.

Every day, there are little events that take place and things we enjoy that we often let pass us by without taking a moment to notice and appreciate them. Have you seen an autumn leaf float by recently on your walk to work? Did you allow yourself to stop to enjoy the moment? Has someone opened a door for you lately? Did you acknowledge and thank them for it? It’s time for us to do a better job of being thankful for all of those little things. After all, our lives are a string of little moments. If we care to stop and notice, we can enrich our lives, and others around us will feel richer, too. Loving the little things matters.

Here are some ways to celebrate the little things:

Low. Be the person this week that helps everyone around you appreciate the little things. Go ahead! Point out the fun of seeing your breath in the cold, the smell of something spicy, the humor of a situation. The little things all add up to making life awesome.

Medium. Is there a ‘little thing’ you have been dying to treat yourself to, but for one reason or another, you just haven’t? Then today is your day. Do it. And, when you do, enjoy it!

High. Set a goal to do little things for the people in your life every day this week. Plan out who, what, where, when, and how. Then, let the ‘little things’ games begin.

Incremental little things really can add up to something much, much larger. With that, we would like to announce that as of December 2, we have raised $2,102,030 for local, national, and global nonprofits in the UW Combined Fund Drive campaign. Before final numbers will be revealed in early January, let us thank you so much for your generosity, kindness, and for truly making a difference.

If you haven’t made a pledge to your favorite causes through the UW Combined Fund Drive, you can still give online. Every pledge helps, so—big or little—know that your gift will change lives. Giving matters. And so do you.