Report from the Front: Doctors Without Borders Worker Speaks

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Fighting global epidemics. Performing surgeries in war zones. Immunizing legions of children. Doctors Without Borders is recognized worldwide for going to places no one else will, setting up clinics under duress, and getting their life-saving work done. They bravely operate under the banner of independence and impartiality.

Hear a first-person account of life on the front lines when Suzanne Ceresko speaks on November 20. Serving for six years as a Doctors Without Borders field coordinator, Suzanne has done heroic work in Africa and Asia and is now at UW studying for her Masters of Public Health.

Among other roles, she worked in emergency response for refugees in the South Sudan, installed a clinic for displaced persons in Syria, ran immunization clinics and health care programs for mothers and children as well as HIV and TB patients in Ethiopia, analyzed women’s health in Laos, and led a team who vaccinated half a million children against measles in Malawi.

She will discuss a malnutrition project in Ethiopia, a vaccination program in northern Nigeria and Malawi, and a preventive cholera campaign in Ethiopia. This event is free but please registration is required.

Thursday, November 20
12-1 p.m.
Magnuson Health Sciences, T-733
Register here

This event is presented by the UW Combined Fund Drive and The Whole U. Thank you to Suzanne for sharing her life-changing experiences with us!



2 Thoughts on “Report from the Front: Doctors Without Borders Worker Speaks”

On October 31, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Maureen Coffey said:

I have nothing but the greatest respect for “medecins sans frontieres” – they really risk life and limb to help and take their Hippocrates oath seriously. And unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, where less than 10% of the monies collected seem to go to the cause they are meant to support, these doctors often put their careers and own salary chances on the backburner to help. And e.g. when it comes to stuff like Ebola they’re about the only ones I trust to report without whitewashing the stuff in the name of placating politics …

On October 31, 2014 at 3:18 PM, Blair Maurer said:

What they do is truly awe-inspiring and as brave as it gets. I can’t wait to hear Suzanne speak.

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