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Try Tai Chi for FREE Next Week!

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Have you ever wanted to try Tai Chi? I have, and I plan on trying it this year.  My mom swears by this activity and I have witnessed a huge difference in her balance. In fact, it saved her knees. At 66 years old she has never been in the awesome shape that she is in now. My mother, who was pretty active throughout my childhood, experienced the loss of both meniscus in her early fifties and was told she would never run, should slow down on her activity, and that knee replacements were in her future.

Well, after a few years of slowing down and gaining some weight she was in more pain. She knew because of her size her knees could not bear the extra weight. It was time to move again and take the pressure of her knees. So instead of giving up, my mother decided to move more. Four years ago, over a glass of wine or two with her cousins (all over the age of 50), they all committed to do the New Orleans marathon.

While she was suffering through the pain of training to run despite her knees, my mom saw an advertisement for a Tai Chi class. She thought it was worth a try and is now a consistent Tai Chi enthusiast. My mom has completed four half marathons, walks instead of driving if it is less than four miles, and can be caught in the kitchen doing her “movements” while prepping dinner. It definitely worked for her.

Do you want to improve your balance? Do you want to prevent injuries? Do you want to relieve stress? Try Tai Chi!

Tai Chi and QiGong of Seattle is part of The Whole U Fitness Network and is offering three FREE introductory classes for UW faculty and staff and their household members.

  1. Friday 1/31, 7- 9pm, in the U-District – REGISTER NOW
  2. Saturday 2/1, 10:30am- 12:30pm, in the U-District – REGISTER NOW
  3. Saturday 2/1, 1:30- 3:30pm, in the U-District – REGISTER NOW

Introductory classes focus on Energy Field Activation and Internal Engine Activation.


Visit The Whole U Discount Network and search by Fitness Memberships to find a link to The Noble School of Tai Chi and Qigong Training and their ongoing discount rate for UW faculty and staff and their household members.

This is the perfect opportunity to try something new. And if you’ve already tried Tai Chi, please share your experience in the comments!