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Seattle - Capitol Hill

The Grinning Yogi was founded with a simple mission: to celebrate you, as you are, TODAY. Fed up with the marketing of ‘not enough’ so rampant in the fitness world, we sought refuge. We were sick of being told we needed to change and we were ready to do something about it. It is with this on our hearts that we opened our first studio in Capitol Hill in 2012.

Years later, nothing has changed. We believe in the power of acceptance, compassion and self-love. We believe that bodies are here to be listened to and cherished. We believe you know what you need, you just sometimes need the space to hear it. We believe in the power of our practice and our community.  We believe in YOU.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just trying yoga for the first time – we are here for you. Our *lightly* heated studios are full of fun, flow and -of course- grinning!

Benefits & Savings:

  • UW employees get 10% off *any* renewing membership
  • A first month membership offer is $39 (not eligible for additional discount)

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