Spira Power Yoga – Mindfulness and Nutrition Program

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Enjoy 10% off Spira Power Yoga’s program: 40 DAYS – Nutrition and Mindfulness for the Year – Learn to Manage Anxiety, and Discover a Healthy Relationship with Food and Fitness

The program begins 1/11 and ends 2/22 and is a 40 Day presentation series discussing:

  • How to manage and thrive with stress
  • How to use meditation to help reach your smart goals
  • Understand nutrition, find a lifestyle with food for sustained health, stop the roller coaster once and for all.
  • Learn to use mindfulness to improve the relationship with self and others
  • Find a healthy relationship with spirituality
  • Get in shape by practicing yoga daily (optional)!
  • Explore meditation practices through topics explored in the lectures to give you tools to manage emotions, and help you find contentment.

Students attend LiveStream session on Zoom on Thursdays from 5:30—8:00 p.m. and have access to recordings.

Participants can choose to attend only the webinar series, or also couple your registration with a month of free yoga with access to all Spira Power Yoga classes. Click here to learn more and purchase.

Benefits & Savings:

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