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It feels like there are a million co-working spaces these days, but where are the co-playing spaces? We’ve got high-tech maker spaces, but where can you go to get away from screens? The climate crisis has everyone talking about escaping to other worlds, but isn’t this one pretty incredible?

We don’t have all the answers, or any of them, really. But we do share a strong belief that we’re all co-creators of our world, and that this world is our home.

We long for a place within it where it’s easy for adults to experience casual creativity, community, and screen-free playtime. We’re thirsty for a space where people can unwind, ground down, and reconnect to the beauty in everything. That’s why we’re launching Spacecraft, to contribute by creating this small piece, and to help ideas like these take off!


Benefits & Savings

Spacecraft is growing Seattle’s crafty community through virtual classes, private parties, and open studio sessions in our Capitol Hill workshop. Let us help you tap into your creative side! Now offering 10% off to UW Huskies using the discount code GODAWGS.


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