Living Lite Hypnosis Center


Living Lite Hypnosis is a weight loss center working to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals through hypnosis.

Benefits & Savings:

20% off a three-hour Express Weight Loss Class with Hypnosis. 

During the class you will learn:

  • What products that you can buy at the supermarket that will help you decrease your food intake dramatically and immediately.
  • How you can re-adjust what you eat and when you eat it to eliminate sugar cravings.
  • What you can do to “drive by the drive thru.”
  • Why old emotional triggers may be compelling unconscious eating and how to minimize them.

Class locations: Everett and Kent. Register for your class here: and select UW for 1 or 2 persons, whichever is appropriate. 

If you would like a private class, invite at least 10 friends and offer a location to hold the class and you may attend for FREE! Contact Katie Evans, or call or text 206-841-4876 for info.

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