Personal Training and Self Defense with Iron Robes

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Iron Robes is a movement towards holistic strength and motion. “Iron” represents holistic strength and “Robes” represents the bodies that contain our consciousness. Harmony is the mother of strength and the enemy of inflammation. By teaching coherence in bodies and minds, Iron Robes guides bodies to work cohesively by applying principles of compatibility, joy, and resolve. Iron Robes can provide individuals and groups with:

  • Self-Defense Training
  • 1:1 and Group Personal Fitness Training
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Narrative Embodied Meditation

Benefits & Savings

The Whole U members receive

  • 10% off a virtual Personal Training and Self-Defense class
  • 10% off a month of virtual Personal Training:
    • 2 sessions/week
    • 3 sessions/week
    • 4 sessions/week
    • 5 sessions/week
  • 10% off a month of virtual Self-Defense Training:
    • 2 sessions/week

For workshop inquiries, outdoor classes, seminars, etc… please contact


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