Lime Bikes

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Puget Sound Region

Smart mobility for the modern world. On-demand e-bikes.

Benefits & Savings

50% off all Lime bike rides.

1) Download the Lime app on your mobile device.

2) To access the 50% discount, create a Lime account with your UW email address. If you have already created a Lime account with a non-UW email address, email to switch your account email address to your UW email address.

3) Locate a bike available for rent using the app, or find one parked around campus.

4) Scan the QR code on the back of the bike in the app to unlock the bike.

5) Start riding!

6) Once your ride is done, push the lock closed on the back wheel to end your ride. If you are ending on campus, remember to park the bike at a bike rack.

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