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Nanny Parent Connection is a family owned business located in Seattle, WA. We have been connecting families with experienced nannies, babysitters and au pairs for the past five years. We have over 10,000 care providers in our community and we exclusively serve the Puget Sound region from Tacoma to Everett.

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Could a nanny work for your family?  You may be surprised!

Hiring a nanny does committing to 40 hours/week of childcare. While a nanny is not a cost-effective option for everyone, some families have been surprised to learn that a nanny could help address their child care needs.

Here are a few ways families have made hiring a nanny more affordable.

Hire a nanny part-time

There are thousands of nannies in the Puget Sound region that already have a part time job with one family. Many of them are looking to augment their income by working with another family in a part time arrangement. Instead of paying around $800/week for a full time nanny ($20/hour for 40 hours/week), many families hire a nanny for 10-20 hours/week which drastically cuts down on the cost. Instead of paying $800/week, these families are only spending $200 to $400/week for their nanny. This type of part time arrangement has grown to be very common during the COVID-19 pandemic as many parents need several uninterrupted hours each week to focus on their careers as they work from home.

Use a nanny for back-up care

Many families develop a relationship with a nanny strictly for temporary or back up care. Know that next Wednesday is going to be a stressful day for your family? Contact your nanny and ask if she can come in for a few hours that day to help make things run more smoothly. Many experienced nannies in our community prefer this type of arrangement as it allows them to have a flexible schedule.

Share a nanny with another family

Nanny shares are very popular currently. What is a nanny share? This is where two families with similar aged children decide to hire a nanny to care for all of their children at the same time. Family #1 has a four year old and Family #2 has a five year old. Instead of each family hiring their own care provider (which would cost around $20/hour for each family), a nanny share allows the families to split the cost of the nanny’s pay rate. So if the nanny charges $25/hour to care for two children, each family would pay half of that hourly rate or $12.50/hour. In addition, nanny shares help keep your family’s social circle small during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some families combine these options. For example, they share a part-time nanny with another family to further reduce their costs while creating pockets of time for work or family responsibilities

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