The Whole U Guide to Holiday Nutrition

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Tis’ the season of fun, festivities, and food! This time of year brings gatherings filled with yummy treats and many opportunities to share the love of cooking with friends and family. The following guide from The Whole U includes tried and true recipes from UW registered dietitians, tips and tricks for navigating nutrition around holiday tables, and more. Whether you’re looking for a dish to serve or a refresher on practicing mindful nutrition, start here.

Tips and tricks for mindful eating during the holiday season

Tips for Healthy Holiday Food Choices

Registered dietitian Judy Simon shares how to embrace all of your favorite foods and family traditions while also being mindful of consumption. Tips from this article will help you foster inner peace with your mind and body this season for holiday cheer.

UW Medicine Dietitian Tips

Being mindful of nutrition while celebrating the holiday season can be tough. That’s why UW Medicine registered dietitians offered these tried and true methods to navigate the holiday table without restricting yourself. Enjoy your favorite dishes by all means!

Recipes for all of your winter gatherings and cravings

Holiday Appetizers, Desserts, & Drinks

Whether you’re hosting parties or looking for new festive treats, check out this list of unique holiday appetizers, desserts, and drinks. These goodies will be sure to impress your guests through their flavorful and visual appeal. Take a look at the edible fruit Christmas tree or the Santa hat cheesecake bites and you’ll believe me.

Seasonal Recipes from UW Medicine Dietitians

The holiday season can be an inspiring time for newfound creativity in the kitchen. However, cooking festive and healthy meals can be tricky. There’s a power in balance for holiday nutrition and our UW dietitians help us achieve this goal through sharing their favorite seasonal activities.

Winter Produce Recipes

Have you ever wondered why strawberries in July tasted so good, or why apples in the fall tasted so much better than in other seasons? Winter is no different and there’s plenty of in-season produce to try at its freshest. Mix up your meals this winter by incorporating radish, blood orange, persimmon, and rutabaga.

Chef Tracey’s Recipe for Mini Savory Tarts

Are you planning to host holiday parties this season and need inspiration for the menu? Savory tarts are a perfect seasonal delight with so many filling options for various occasions! Chef Tracey MacRae is an expert in the kitchen and simplifies how to make this delicious recipe for holiday entertaining.

Quick & Easy Seasonal Recipes

Food is a wonderful comfort and tradition around this time of year, but it can also be stressful! These simple recipes are taste certified by The Whole U and relatively easy to whip up. Spend less time in the kitchen, more time relaxing, and enjoy a tasty meal complete from the appetizer to dessert!

Sharing the joy of food through gift giving

Tasty DIY Gifts for the Holidays

This time of year is all about giving, so whether you’re looking to give back to someone you love or are searching for a creative and unique present for the holidays, check out some of these delicious gift ideas.

Homemade food gifts are a thoughtful and economical way to show appreciation to your loved ones. Not to mention they can be a lot of fun to make!


Healthy Gifts for the Holiday Table

Do you have foodies in your life that are difficult to shop for? These fun kitchen gadgets are great options for your friends who are looking to reduce eating out or spice up their regular routine of recipes!

Buying a new kitchen appliance may seem like an indulgence, but they really can make a world of difference in helping encourage loved ones to try healthy new foods, build better habits, or start a new routine. You can also shop second hand for many of these items. 


What festive treats are you excited to try for this holiday season? Let’s all focus on achieving our nutritional goals together this winter. If you have any questions or aren’t finding what you’re looking for, be sure to reach us at