5 Tips for Staying Energized at Work

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We’ve all been there – those days when you’re having a rough morning, experiencing the post-lunch sleepiness, or hitting that 3 O’clock crash. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay energized throughout the work day and simply toughing out the tiredness or reaching for another cup of coffee isn’t always the best option. Instead, opt for some of these methods for staying energized.

1. Get Moving – Studies have shown that taking a 20-minute walk boosts energy. The payroll team in Facilities Services mixed it up by creating their own awesome routine, Flex at Your Desk. Strengthen your muscles at your own desk by following their program.

Another option could be adding some stairs to your day. Taking the stairs to the office is a great workout and boosts energy. The Whole U is hosting the Step On Up Challenge that encourages people to count the number of stairs they are taking in order to reach milestones: 605 steps to the Space Needle, 10,781 to Mount Baker, and 14,410 to Mount Rainier. For more information on the Step on Up Challenge, visit this page.

2. Drink WaterDehydration is a cause of fatigue. To perk up, drink some cold and crisp water. I found that keeping a water bottle on my desk (along with a straw, which strangely plays a large role in my own water consumption) really encourages me to drink up.

3. Snack on the Good Stuff – Grabbing a candy bar, chips, or some other processed snack for energy will only take you so far. Oftentimes, processed snacks lead to a crash not long after consumption. Instead, turn to healthy and natural snacks like apples, oranges, almonds, yogurt, or very dark chocolate for sustained energy. I find that snacks with a nice crunch tend to revitalize me. Maybe it’s the sound?

4. Listen to Some Tunes – Following sustained fixation, there is also sustained concentration. Give your mind a change of pace and listen to some music as you work. Try songs that aren’t heavy on lyrics so you won’t get too distracted from the task at hand. Listening to instrumentals is a good option. I tend to play a pre-made “Coffee Shop” playlist that has soft background music.

5. Stare Off into Space – Staring at a computer screen for hours on end really strains the eyes and worsens exhaustion. Keep the 20-20-20 rule in mind when you are feeling a bit lackluster: Look at a point 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes to break the continuous computer screen fixation.

The workday is hard enough with the assignments, deadlines, and meetings. Let’s eliminate the fight against low energy using these five ideas! If you have other suggestions on how to stay energized, comment down below. We’d all love to hear what works for you!